Due to the disparate time zones of potential participants, the scientific committee has decided to host scheduled talks within a two hour window each day using zoom:

  • 5-7pm Central European Summer time
  • 3-5pm Greenwich Mean time
  • 11am-1pm Eastern Standard time
  • 8am-10am Pacific Standard time.

We realize that these times may be inconvenient for some of our PinT colleagues, in particular those in Asia and offer our sincere apologies in advance. Videos of the presentations will be made available with a presenter’s permission. The following schedule below is listed in GMT. Please convert to your local timezone as necessary. A program booklet with full abstracts can be downloaded here: PinT_2020_Program_Booklet.pdf

June 8, 2020

2:55 GMT: Introductory Remarks / Logistics

3:00pm GMT: A universal parallel predictor algorithm of arbitrarily high order for implicit methods (Laurent Jay) [ abstractvideo ]

3:30pm GMT: AIR for a space-time hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method (Abdullah Ali Sivas} [ abstract | video ]

4:00pm GMT: Solving PDEs in Space-Time: 4D Tree-Based Adaptivity, Mesh-Free and Matrix- Free Approaches (Milinda Fernando) [ abstract | video ]

4:30pm GMT: Parallel space-time solution strategy for the Navier-Stokes equation (Biswajit Khara) [ abstract | video ]

June 9, 2020

2:55 GMT: Introductory Remarks / Logistics

3:00pm GMT: ParaDIAG: Parallel-in-Time Algorithms Based on the Diagonalization Technique (Shu-lin Wu) [ abstract | video | slides ]

3:30pm GMT: A linear-algebra perspective on convergence of Parareal and MGRiT (Ben Southworth) [ abstract  | video ]

4:00pm GMT: TriMGRIT: An Extension of Multigrid Reduction in Time for Constrained Optimization (Robert Falgout) [ abstract | video ]

4:30pm GMT: PyMGRIT – a Python Package for the multigrid-reduction-in-time algorithm (Jens Hahne) [ abstract | video ]

June 10, 2020

2:55 GMT: Introductory Remarks / Logistics

3:00pm GMT: Parareal — RBF algorithms for solving time-dependent PDEs (Nadun Dissanayake) [ abstract | video ]

3:30pm GMT: Parallel-in-Time Solution of Time-Periodic Problems with Unknown Period (Iryna Kulchytska-Ruchka) [ abstract | video ]

4:00pm GMT: Performance Analysis and Benchmarking for pySDC (Robert Speck) [ abstract | video ]

4:30pm GMT: N Ways to Fool the Masses (or Yourself) When Presenting PinT Results (Michael Minion, Robert Speck, Sebastian Götschel and  Daniel Ruprecht) [ abstract | video ]

June 11, 2020

2:55 GMT: Introductory Remarks / Logistics

3:00pm GMT: Space-time adaptivity for parabolic evolution equations (Jan Westerdiep) [ abstract | video ]

3:30pm GMT: Exploring space-time adaptivity and parallel-in-time convergence for hyperbolic PDEs (Hans Johansen) [ abstract | video ]

4:00pm GMT: Simulating interface evolution using a parallel space-time approach: Space-time adaptivity for the phase field equations (Kumar Saurabh, Biswajit Khara, Milinda Fernando, Hari Sundar, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian) [ abstract | video ]

4:30pm GMT: A parallel-in-time, implicit/explicit multiderivative solver (Jochen Schuetz) [ abstract | slides ]

June 12, 2020

2:55 GMT: Introductory Remarks / Logistics

3:00pm GMT: A Comparison of Space-Time Multigrid and PFASST with applications to Cardiac Electrophysiology (Pietro Benedusi) [ abstract | video ]

3:30pm GMT: Optimal Relaxation Weights for Multigrid Reduction In Time (MGRIT) (Masumi Sugiyama) [ abstract | video ]

4:00pm GMT: Parallel-in-Time with SUNDIALS and XBraid (David Gardner) [ abstract | slides ]

4:30pm GMT: Parallel-in-Time Training for Deep Residual Neural Networks (Jacob Schroder) [ abstract | video ]