2017 — Statistics and Statistical Genetics

August 16 – August 20, 2017, Houghton, MI

The principal aim of the conference was to stimulate research collaboration in the development, analysis, and application of statistical techniques for complex, high-dimensional data arising in the real world applications. The target audience was a mix of internationally renowned specialists, junior researchers, and graduate students who are interested in the areas of statistical theory and applications. The scopes of the workshop included, but not limited to the following topics at the forefront of statistical research, Bayesian statistics, statistical climatology, time series analysis, statistical genetics, and other health-related areas.


  • Kliakhandler Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation
  • Institute for Mathematics and its Application (IMA) – Participating Institution Program
  • College of Sciences and Arts, Michigan Technological University
  • Mathematical Sciences, Michigan Technological University
  • Partial support was given to postdoctoral fellows, and unfunded junior faculty
  • Full support was given to some graduate students and under represented minority groups